Johannesburg, the commercial hub of sub-Saharan Africa, is one of the world’s grittiest, most eclectic and cosmopolitan cities.

The city hosts a truly unique mix of cultures, music, performance, art and design that recalls its turbulent past and celebrates its vibrant present. Hallmark House offers a range of curated shared spaces, including extensive recreational and business facilities that serve both guests and residents. These include Jozi’s finest jazz bar, the evocative Marabi Club, which boasts fine dining, slick service and the immersive sounds of African rhythms; and Thorn, the hotel popular inner-city remote work space and restaurant with a cool, modern, relaxed ‘club’ ambience. Our exclusive Cutters unisex Barber offers professional grooming in a vintage, indulgent setting; while the Rooftop is the ultimate venue that radiates glamour and style, with unrivalled 360-degree views over the city.

A home away from home

Each area within Hallmark House has been selectively and tastefully curated, with a true African inspiration found in each and every room. From a perfect business trip, to the romantic getaway, each room is comfortable, stylish and ready to welcome guests into the heart of Johannesburg

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