Steyn Entertainment x D’ussé Film Initiative

The Nitty Gritty

Thank you for taking the time to apply to be a part of the D’Ussé x Steyn Entertainment Film Premiere Evenings.

We look forward to viewing your work and will be sure to take the time to watch all the submitted content.

Please ensure that you read through the Nitty Gritty before submitting your application.  

For the general terms and conditions, please read through the following points: 

  • Successful applicants will have their work showcased at Hallmark House Hotel’s Rooftop venue on a date chosen by Steyn Entertainment.
  • Applicants must supply their finished product by no later than the date communicated by Steyn Entertainment, any video supplied past the due date will only be showcased at the discretion of Steyn Entertainment
  • The video which is submitted with the application must the same video supplied for the premiere.
  • The video which is submitted must be of high enough quality to be shown on a big screen/projected onto a wall
  • Applicants accept that Steyn Entertainment and associated businesses may tag, talk about or use images and footage of the film for marketing purposes
  • Each successful applicant will be required to take part in a short interview for social media purposes
  • All proceeds from ticket-sales to the premiere evening on which the successful applicant’s film is showcased will receive an equal part of the ticket sales, which will be divided between all the filmmakers whose work is screened on the night


Application Form