FKJ headed to South Africa to perform in Cape Town and Joburg

Announcing the triumphant return of the much-loved music festival, renowned for its eclectic sounds and immersive encounters.

In The City is bringing down the enigmatic FKJ, known to the world as Vincent Fenton, who will perform in Cape Town (Old Biscuit Mill) on 23rd of June, and head down to Joburg (Marabi Jazz Club) on the 24th of June, followed by a mesmerizing spectacle at the historic Constitution Hill on the 25th of June 2023.

FKJ, alias French Kiwi Juice, stands as a prodigious maestro, producer, and virtuoso of multiple instruments. His groundbreaking fusion of electronic, soul, and funk has garnered international acclaim, establishing him as a true luminary in the realm of music. Renowned for his captivating live shows and unmatched improvisational skills, FKJ has amassed a devoted following across the globe.

FKJ’s meteoric rise to fame commenced with the release of his eponymous debut album, “French Kiwi Juice,” in 2017. The album received universal praise, solidifying his status as an emerging star in the music industry. Anthems like “Better Give U Up” and “Skyline” epitomized his talent for crafting infectious, feel-good vibes that effortlessly connect with listeners.

In The City has continually pushed boundaries, celebrating the vibrant tapestry of South Africa’s music scene. By enlisting FKJ as their headliner, the festival continues its evolution as a platform for groundbreaking talent and unforgettable moments.

Anticipate nothing short of extraordinary performances in Johannesburg and Cape Town as FKJ melds soulful melodies, infectious beats, and his signature style. This extraordinary opportunity invites music aficionados to immerse themselves in an ethereal audiovisual journey and witness FKJ’s unparalleled musical brilliance firsthand.

In The City is proudly presented by Steyn Entertainment, a Johannesburg-based powerhouse renowned as South Africa’s premier Entertainment, Hospitality, and Media House. Overseeing various entities, including the iconic music and lifestyle festivals ‘Rocking the Daisies’ and ‘In the City,’ the record label and management company ‘STAY LOW,’ as well as the esteemed inner-city art hotel ‘Hallmark House’—home to the globally acclaimed Marabi Jazz Club and the Bontle Modiselle Dance Studio.